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Bilateral and International Relations September 1951: Treaty of Peace with Japan, San Francisco (Article 2(f)) “Japan renounces all right, title and  claims to the Spratly Islands’ and the Paracel Islands.”  Under the treaty the islands were not  ceded to any country.  No single country can acquire sovereignty over the Spratlys by the use  or display of force in the vicinity thereof.  Such an act would be in violation of International Law  as well as the United Nations Charter. March 1, 1956:  During a 39-day voyage, Cloma raised the flag, erected markers and plaques on all the islands,  and made Declaration of the Establishment of the Independent State of Freedomland.   May 15,  1956:  Cloma notified the Secretary for Foreign Affairs of the Philippines that the new State of  Freedomland had been established and occupied by his men as an independent state. He  issued a “Notice to the Whole World” and published it in newspapers around the world. July 6, 1956:  Proclamation of Establishment of Independent Government of Freedomland. Acknowledged  by Philippine Vice-President and Foreign Secretary Carlos P. Garcia. (later to become  President after the assassination of President Magsaysay). October 1956:  Cloma made Official Mission to New York in an effort to determine the membership status of  Freedomland in the United Nations.  The effort was assisted by the Philippines, and blocked by  the Taiwan Republic of China (then a member of the Security Council)  December 14, 1956: In light of the unresolved international status with United Nations, Cloma makes Formal  Request for Protection to President Magsaysay.    1959: Republic of China opens hostile fire on settlers.  State of Emergency declared.  A Government  –in-exile was established in Manila, Philippines by Tomas Cloma and the Supreme Council. 1961: Republic of China established a garrison at Spratly Island, without consent of Allied Powers.  July 10, 1971:  Grant of Weather Monitoring Station to Philippines: Cloma granted permission to the  Philippines to erect a two man weather-monitoring station on Pagasa Island. April 24, 1972:  Cloma instructed the Advisory Council to prepare to bring the matter to the International Court  of Justice, the Hague. The Advisory Council recommended to demarcate the five island Spratly  group from the Territorial boundary, in order to avoid the issue of claims to that island group by  the Taiwan Republic of China.  April 1974:   Cloma and the Supreme Council of Freedomland altered the status of Free Territory of  Freedomland to that of the Principality of Freedomland.  In this manner “personality” under  International Law was established without regard to any territorial disposition.  The name was  later changed on 24th August to Colonia, and the Principality was elevated to Kingdom. August 1974:  Tomas Cloma retired as Head of State and the Supreme Council which included Tomas Cloma  elected of King John I as successor with absolute authority.  November 1974:          New Government appointed for Colonia for one year   December 1974: Establishment of Secretariat in Malaysia.  Colonia established a Secretariat at 91 Kerumpang  Labuan Sabah Malaysia in Labuan, Malaysia.   1975: Trade and Commerce Agreement in Malaysia:  Kingdom of Colonia signed a Trade Agreement  with Datuk Harris bin Mohd. Salleh and Sri Labuan Wood Complex, Sendirian, Berhad for the  mining or phosphates and collection of guano for sale in S.E. Asia as fertiliser. 1975: Surrender Agreement from Vietnam. King John I dispatched a Royal Colonia Navy Expedition  under Commodore Erik Sroka.  He sailed from Manilla on his way to Labuan on the day that  Saigon fell, went ashore on Iti Abbu with his crew and the flag of Colonia and accepted an  Instrument of Surrender from the Commander of the South Vietnamese forces. The evacuation  of the South Vietnamese forces was accomplished and Commodore Erik Sroka returned a  national hero and was honoured with the title Governor-General of the Islands. Today the  official declared borders of Vietnam are along the western boundary of Colonia.     1976: Malaysia proposal for Colonia to join Federation of Malaysia.  10 May 1976:  Colonia Development Corporation was incorporated in Colonia to develop the country’s oil and  mineral resources. November 1977:     Victor Rees was appointed extra plenipotentiary and Head of Trade Mission in New York to the  United States of America.  1981: Lord Harold Wilson former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom represents the Kingdom of  Colonia in discussions with Premier Zhao Ziyang and Deng Xiaoping to arrange oil exploration  and sovereignty issues. 1981: Consular representation: The King’s dynastic order of Knights of St John of Jerusalem were  decreed sovereign order status in Colonia with instruction to be official representative for the  Kingdom of Colonia for international relations.  Consular offices under the Knights of St. John,  officially representing the Kingdom of Colonia, were later accredited in the Republic Equatorial  Guinea, Republic Guinea Bissau and Republic of Burkino Fasso.   1981: Knights of St John of Jerusalem, as representative of the Kingdom of Colonia, joined as a  member of the United Nations Association.  1983: The Secretariat of the Kingdom was established in the Principality of Andorra.  1983: Discussions took place with President Reagan over the issuance of a joint humanitarian  passport with the Knights of St John in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of  Human Rights and an involvements in Colonia St John. 1985: His All Holiness The Patriarch Demetrius I of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Constantinople  and the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church confirmed official relationship and Holy Protection  of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, a Royal Order of the King of Colonia.  His Holiness  Pope John Paul II also gave his Apostolic Blessing to the Order.  1985: Oil Exploration Leases were presented to the International Development Corp and Mobil  Mercantile SA.  1987: Trade and Consular Representative appointed to the Republic of Costa Rica.  1989:          Trade Mission established in Hong Kong  1989: Diplomatic Trade Representative Office established in Budapest, Republic of Hungary.  1990: Territorial Purchase Agreement formalised with the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, for the  Isle of Annobon, in the South Atlantic, but was not implemented.  1991: Trade and consular representative appointed to Singapore  1993: Trade and Consular Representative appointed to the State of California, USA.  1993: Trade and Consular Representative appointed to Cyprus in Nicosia. 
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