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POPULATION AND NATIONAL PURPOSE OF THE KINGDOM OF COLONIA ST JOHN Tomas Cloma established the first settlements in Freedomland in the 1950’s.  The small population grew from 40 to over 400.  By the 1970’s people from around the world had learned of Cloma’s  vision for the enormous resources of the territory to be used Philanthropically for the  betterment of the poor and sick around the world.  Many were inspired to become part of  that vision and sought to become citizens of Freedomland.  Cloma welcomed these foreign nationals, and permitted those who made a pledge of dedication to the national purpose to become citizens. Following Cloma’s retirement in 1974, the census of 1975 showed there were 1426 citizens from all the continents of the world.  In the next census of 1995, the number of citizens had grown to 2557.  While these citizens were from all nationalities, they were united in their pledge of support for the national purpose as first envisioned under Cloma, and further developed under King John.  The State Council anticipates the next census in 2015 to continue to reflect the trend of dominance of foreign nationals in the citizenry. King John was inspired by the good works of the “Order of St John of Jerusalem,” also know to history as the “Knights of Rhodes,” and the “Knights of Malta.”  To fulfill Cloma’s vision, the King constituted a dynastic Order of St John, under his patronage in Colonia, with the mandate to represent the Kingdom internationally, and to carry on charitable and philanthropic endeavours in accordance with the national purpose. The king described the aims of the Order have for centuries: “been  to help the poor and the afflicted; that is and always has been our primary aim.” The other military orders were Crusader Orders, in the Holy Land to fight the Saracens, in Spain to fight the Moors, and in Prussia to fight the Pagans. But the Order of St John was different.  It always had this special commitment to the poor and the afflicted. Our aims today are exactly the same as they were in 1023, when the Blessed Gerald Thom founded the Hospital in Jerusalem to care for pilgrims in the Holy Land.  Our task has been the sanctification of our members through philanthropic service. The Order of St John has for centuries had this purpose.  It’s purpose is consistent with Cloma’s vision, and now linked with the enormous resources of Colonia, the purpose can be fulfilled to help the poor and the afflicted of the world. In 1990, to commend this endeavour, His Holiness Pope John Paul II imparted His Apostolic Blessing, with His Pledge of Heavenly Favours, to the King and the Order.   In 2011 following a miraculous intercession, John Paul II was beatified.  In 2013, a second miraculous intercession came under examination for the canonization of John Paul II.  We pray for His Heavenly Favours.
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